San Diego Coffeehouse Thoughts: #1

        It is 6:15 a.m. and I am at Cafe Moto in Barrio Logan. Bob Marley’s “One Love” is playing and a drizzly rain is dusting the sidewalk out front. I have their Double French roast in my insulated mug. This is today’s darkest choice of drip and it is lovely. I didn’t even need to hammerhead’ize it.  It is deep, dark and rich. The other drip choices today are Peru “12 Apostles” and Moto Brew ascending in darkness. The espresso choices are Viennese Blend and FT Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Pour over choices today are Costa Rica, Sumatra Ketiara and 62 Continental.
I exercised my old Porsche with the hot rodded but matching case engine on the way here. It is fun I but could not really stretch its legs due to congested traffic.

 Today’s Coffee influenced philosophical thought:
“In youth most of us rebel against the system in one way or another. I wonder if this would still be true if the “system” was more ideal for more people: more flexible, fair, just and adhering to the rules of logic and reason?”

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