Villa Zee Zaw Coffee Thoughts #3

6 a.m.
Doing a morning, home at Villa Zee Zaw is a welcome break in the routine. With some “Old Grandpa” roasted to the limits of darkness by Urth Cafe in my Wedgwood cup I’m ready for some thinking.

Does some amount of our angst spring from the belief that we are not living a life true to our Selves? We must all get along somehow in this society of humanity whether or not we consider the situation ideal or not. I tend to engage in thought experiments when I have a question.

In this case I think about a person who is isolated from others in the wild. Possibly he or she was separated from his or her parents at an early age without remembering them and somehow survived. This happened before she had a knowledge of how things are “supposed” to be. Would he experience an angst beyond that of the challenge of survival? She would not be bothered with our tendency of comparing ourselves to others. Nor would he be tormented as to why “God” had brought this or that challenge to his life.

Yes as a thinker she might still ponder existential questions. But without a language to think in or preconceived notions, would this thinking not be rather nebulous? He would experience joy at discovering a new patch of trees currently in fruit and maybe agitation at a quickly approaching storm on a cold day. What of living from his “true Self”. Would this be automatic?

He would not be required to fit into some mold that society had built. She would respond and adapt to whatever her environment brought. He would have no reason to ponder anything of a human construct such as a need for cosmetic surgery in order to compete with others. She would never have to wonder what she did to bring an experience of life she felt below her potential.

Environmental realities would simply be dealt with as they came. If it started to rain, “it just started to rain,” that it is it. If there are no trees in fruit he would possibly look for some mushrooms or roots. Without interaction with others there might be a void in his experience but there would be no thought of “WHY am I lonely?” since he would have no concept of community having grown up alone.

Maybe our angst springs more from the pondering of the WHY of our challenges rather than from the actual challenges….


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