Coffeehouse Thoughts #17

This continues the subject of my last two posts, that of our propensity to form groups. Spoiler Alert: If you have not read my last two posts you might want to go back and read them (don’t worry, they’re brief).

Group formation – is it necessary or even desirable?

It is time for a new paradigm. We only require one group, the human group (we can get more ambitious later and expand this to ‘all sentient life’ and beyond even but one inclusive group is going to be strongly resisted now so let us not get ahead of ourselves).

There are practical, even selfish reasons for not excluding people from ‘our group’. The first one is that chance only creates so many geniuses, artists, philosophers, inventors, et cetra. These forward thinkers are the ones who have initiated all of our progress and enhanced our experience. Why risk losing even one of these by excluding those from our group who don’t fit some arbitrary set of characteristics such as appearance or birth location?

Finally, practical reason #1: War is only possible after two or more groups have formed….Something to think about.

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