Don’t Call Me White…

Don’t Call Me White…

…or a ‘man’ or a ‘North American’ or even a ‘Human’. However, most who might encounter me on the street or hear me speak would likely pronounce me all of these. But must we identify ourselves in this manner? It seems that this only serves to separate us. With the coming New Paradigm of Humanity and a transhuman future, unification will be necessary.

A fractured civilization cannot move efficiently into a peaceful and sustainable future. Where there are groups, there is subjugation and where their is subjugation there is strife. Where their is strife there will be war and other violence and at the very least this is will stunt our growth. At the most it will destroy us. This extends far beyond our little ball of rock and water.

When we do encounter another intelligence, possibly one far more advanced, I hope they consider us their brothers(gender neutral but such is our silly language) rather than some separate group to compete with, dominate or enslave. So even categorizing ourselves with a seemingly benign term such as ‘Earthling’ could ultimately prove to be limiting or segregating. We must eventually seek inclusion with all self-aware, self-replicating systems of information and energy and consider all of us kindred entities.

Think about it please. Must we state that we are man or woman, French or Italian, gay, straight or bi, Human or Vulcan? Each identifier or label takes on a life of its own and propagates and perpetuates a limitation. I wish for us to be limitless.

I wish for us to go beyond mere tolerance of diversity. I wish to unify; not to take away differences but rather, to disregard them for anything that matters. In this vision we are all different but equal parts of a unified whole.

How bizarre might it seem to an intelligence from another part of our galaxy to learn that those who happen to live on Earth choose to group intelligent beings based on the wavelength of light reflected by their body covering? Maybe I’m from anther planet because it seems bizarre to me.

I hope one day we will be judged worthy of inclusion with the other self-aware, self-replicating systems of information and energy in our Universe.

Ivor Peter Brians

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