Brain sufficiently infused with “Old Grandpa” from Urth Cafe (the darkest roast I’ve found), Momo-chan starting her morning catnap on a pillow next to me kindly ignoring my keystrokes and before I must get practical and start my day in the ‘real world’, a few thoughts:

Practicality, common folk have it naturally, probably because they(we) have no other choice. The highly intelligent must choose it though. It is necessary for getting along with the current set of circumstances we call ‘life’ at any given time.

One can argue for a better way, but if the current system is entrenched and intractable and ninety percent of the population is fine with it, fighting it will take generations of smart folk chipping away at it for it to finally budge. So, while it is noble and desirable to tilt at it at every opportunity, if one wishes to have some semblance of success in life one must work practically within the offending system.

This is the same with any group throughout history where generations who had been subjugated had to find a way to survive and flourish the best they could within the system while taking the occasional swipe at it, the repercussions for which were estimated to be nonlethal.

So on it is with my day of practicality, all the while on the lookout for a gap in the armor of ignorance which will not bring forth a lethal response.

– The Coffeehouse Philosopher –

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