Villa Zee Zaw Coffee Philosophy #2

6:30a.m. – pouring rain in La Mesa and I happened to drive an old Mercedes home which had the hood removed for repairs. Since ignition systems and water don’t do well together I’ll do a morning at the Villa Zee Zaw (the antique house were I reside)

Straight to the Coffee Thoughts for today:
In our transhuman future I have some questions that probably need to be addressed. With our upgraded bodies, brains and indefinite life spans, what will motivate us? Presumably we would no longer need to exercise our evolutionary impulse to compete since we would have moved past our system of scarcity and competing within a society of equals probably has no point.

I think the answer lies in Exploration, Discovery and Creation. It is why writers write and artists create art, explorers explore and scientists seek answers. Having moved past the need to provide food and shelter for all and assure that our particular type of intelligence continues, we would all be free to seek truth.

This brings up a dilemma. What if everyone does not want to be upgraded to “Human 1.1” and beyond and to explore the currently unknown indefinitely? One scenario would be that the Extropian group would force upgrades upon all “for their own good and the good of all”. Another would be that those wishing to continue the way they are would simply be left behind; possibly isolated on some chosen planet where they can continue their warring and exclusive group forming ways. Maybe that has already happened somewhere in the Universe and the name of that planet is…………Earth?

Well, maybe that’s just the coffee talking…….



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