San Diego Coffeehouse Thoughts #6

6:11a.m. @ Influx Golden Hill this morning enjoying a double hammerhead made from ‘house’ blend by Kate who always greets the customers with a “Hi how are you” and a smile.

Today’s Coffee Inspired Thoughts:

If I didn’t already have enough “irons in the fire” I started working (playing at) a knockoff of Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”:

“…but we are animals so must we not exercise our animality at the least, occasionally in a matter which does not harm?” thus wrote Brianustra.

Say the ornate ones, “nay push out all that is animal. Embrace only that which we the true voice of God condones. Do our bidding, we who have set for ourselves the content life of telling the truth to you, those which need direction. You who were not chosen as we have been for enlightenment. But rejoice as we will guide you to the best existence for which you can hope. Here on the dirt and after in the spirit realm of he to whom and from whom all flows.”

“But hear me,” spoke Brianustra, “Can a god be, which requires anything; allegiance, prophets or proxies? A true god would ask for nothing as it would have perfect contentment in being.

“You object to ‘it’ as a depiction? But why would a god require the appendage of man if exists as one. So say you that woman and man were created by the supreme one. If indeed exists as one and none higher or even equal, animal parts, it not require.”


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