San Diego Coffeehouse Thoughts #8

I’m at Cafe Moto in Barrio Logan this morning and they are pouring:

  • ’62 Continental – “Dark roasted coffee blended for a stout cup”
  • Kenya AA – “a single chamba roasted full city to offer an intense aroma and acidic sweetness”
  • Moto Brew – “a full city roasted classic blend from 4 continents crates a balanced ad aromatic and delicious coffee”

I have 62 Continental in my mug and I am enjoying it. It is very dark with just a touch of fruit.


We all seek order in our life. There is a comfort in order, knowing that things are a certain way and can be counted on to continue.

  • The sun peers up over the horizon each morning
  • The moon shines down on you each evening
  • The mail arrives in the box at X:XX O’clock each day
  • If you get more education, you make more money
  • You treat people the way you want to be treated and receive the same.

Problems can arise from our perception of the order when one does not understand the nature of the order.

I must cut my coffee/thinking time short this morning. Hopefully I can revisit “Order” again soon…..


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