Coffeehouse Philosophy #24

Sunday – At home at the Villa Zee Zaw observing Tomas for any reaction to starting her on insulin. I lost Pusscat to chronic kidney failure on June 1st and now this, my second oldest significant feline has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. The Doc says that this is not as serious as renal failure. We will just to the best we can. Since taking the photo she is awake now as I type this and eyeing longingly my eggs al Irish Cheddar, dried garlic, truffle and olive oil. This is paired with Urth Cafe’s Old Grandpa, their darkest roast done by Melitta Pour-over.

This Weeks Observations:

Some of us have minds historically trapped at various points in our understanding of and relationship with reality. This sounds at first like insanity but since reality is, a) flexible and b) a perception, maybe not so much upon further thought.

Our vision of self has been shaped by our perception of other’s perceptions of ourselves.

This reminds me of a quote I had heard some time ago:
“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am” – Thomas Cooley, Inscriptions: Prairie Poetry

Thought Exercises

If I was recently cloned, which one of us would be the real Peaceman4tja3?

Would I lament death as much with the knowledge that the younger “me” would continue after? Probably, since he is not me.

We would be identical genetically yet two separate and un-linked consciousnesses. Separate just like we are from each of the rest of humanity.

I am unique and separate compared to my theoretical clone because I cannot experience his thoughts directly or his precise perception of reality. Nor can he mine.

We are each Separate and each of us only experiences our own version of reality. That is why we want to continue and why we resist death. We do not want to think about a reality without us in it, to perceive of it.

Maybe in our trans-human future instead of uploading our individual consciousness into a new physical version of ourselves or into a separate cyberspace to cheat death we can be uploaded together into one mass expression of human consciousness.

If all were allowed one physical life after birth and then at death be uploaded into a common realm of pure information and energy…
Might we call that heaven?

With all of humanity thus linked together in a common continuum we could each experience a multitude of different consciousnesses.

After time had passed and we had experienced everyone else’s unique contribution to the unit maybe the unit would start behaving as a cohesive whole.

What might such an intelligent and knowledgeable entity be interested in pursuing?

Adding to its energy and information?

Battling entropy?

Escaping the Big Crunch?

Maybe an advanced and concentrated mass of intelligence and energy would operate outside of the ‘normal’ laws of physics, entropy-free. Maybe it can jump from universe to universe or even exist in a pre-universe, independent of a universe or possibly even Be a Universe.

Can it be that this is what our Universe is and we are part of its expression after it became nostalgic for physicality?


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