Coffeehouse Philosophy #23

Random Coffee Time thoughts of the past week. These are somewhat random but one thought leads to the next and so on.

Seeking answers – I think we need something besides work, writing and goal seeking. What could this be, a Joy perhaps, to satisfy a whim or desire, a following of an interest just because it is rather than for some other motivation such as financial gain?

Our System of Civilization
Some people fortunate enough to discover a soul-mate or life partner who just happens to be their vision of physical attractiveness. Others choose a significant other based primarily on physical attributes. In our trans-human extropian future we will not be forced by society to pair-bond with one type and only dream of another(or to break society’s rules and cheat as fifty percent of us do now). With an advanced society where logic is king we can finally let go of the rules society has developed in response to our animal urges. The paradox is that the animal urges bring us pleasure and a “reason to live”. A further paradox is that we now stifle these urges.

Civilization happened to go mostly in one path but that does not mean that it is the only path. This, especially since many of our “prophets” were just men who had an agenda. This was in response to our competitive natures. They found their own way to survive and prosper – that of leading the masses. You notice that I wrote “men” rather than “people” or “men and women.” This is due to the fact that virtually all of our ancient religious leaders were men. Women simply were not allowed, which is of course a form of subjugation or “keeping people in their place.” Rules were made, supposedly put down by supreme beings and interpreted of course by men and now we still follow this pattern thousands of years later even though science, logic and reason do not support them.

Worse, lines were drawn and groups were formed. Our competitive natures and “taking care of our own” have lead us to wars, death and destruction. This continues to this day, all because some men figured out a successful way to prosper in a competitive environment(by gaining followers) and no one has successfully challenged that.

Groups persist of course. There are many but I believe there are two basic ones, “Thinkers,” and everyone else. We are all thinkers of course but some are far more thoughtful than the norm. “Everyone else” is comprised of subgroups. There are “followers,” “leaders,” “manipulators” and others. Leaders lead but unless they are breaking new ground they are only maintaining an old outworn system through manipulation for gain. It is rather like these particular “leaders” are just a subgroup of the followers since they are really only maintaining a system put in place by manipulating leaders of the past. Basically the followers accept the system and live within it (either legitimately or by cheating), the leaders maintain the system and only the true “thinkers” ask, “Why“?

Yes, there are some very intelligent followers but I maintain that they are not utilizing their full “thinking” power since they work within the system set in place by false prophets who basic premises lacked logic. The great masses or flock further solidify the system by their unyielding faith that the system must be genuine since it has been in place for so long.

True thinkers ask why and desire change.

Genius & the Source of its Torment
7-17-2014. Like “Neo” in The Matrix, something has been eating at some of us for a long long time. Is it the feeling that something is not quite right or a discontent with the way things could be? For those who are tormented by this, rather than an organic or nurture issue maybe it is the vision of a better way for society’s system that taunts us.  Are the true Thinkers among us visionaries rather than individuals suffering from some sort of disorder? Or, is being a visionary the disorder?

7-18-2014. Maybe our angst with the world is just-the-way-it-is. Maybe it is the way of the Thinker to be discontented with a system developed by and for the herd. Some Thinkers simply focus on their science, the one thing of this world that is not at odds with their reason and logic.

Maybe since I do not have an advanced science education, I focus my thought experiments on what I observe around me in nature and society. When I observe nature I am amazed at small details that a trained scientist may have learned about in school. To me it is a “discovery” though.

Many years ago I remember observing a house plant. I noticed that this plant was being visited by ants coming in through a crack in the wall. They seemed to be attracted to small bumps on the stems of the plant. On closer inspection I saw that these bumps housed an insect and that the ants appeared to gathering a sweet liquid from them. I found this amazing because the ants seemed like little farmers! I left the “system” alone because I found it to be “natural.” Later I learned that others knew all about this and it was not my “discovery” at all. Where I saw an ecosystem my roommates saw “pests” and saw me as rather “nuts.”

When I observe society and aspects of her illogical behavior I wonder if social scientists already know about these things. I assume they do and then I wonder that since we have specialists who have studied this behavior, why it persists. The answer is in the herd mentality perhaps. Nietzsche said, “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”



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